Coleman CPX 4.5 LED Tent Light

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The CPX™ 4.5 LED Tent Light by Coleman is compatible with any tent and even attaches to the tent wall allowing you to pivot the light where you need it. The CPX™ system lets you choose your power: three AAA cell batteries (included) or one CPX™ 4.5 rechargeable power cartridge (sold separately - Campmor item #84089). The battery meter changes from yellow to red as battery life is depleted.Magnetically attaches to any tent or metal surface.No tools required.Water resistant.Lifetime of light - LEDs don't need to be replaced.LED battery meter, changes color when battery power is low.Three light modes, white light on high or low and a low power amber nightlight.Size: W 2.75", H 5".Weight: 0.59 oz..

  • Flexible Power – runs on 3AAA batteries (included) or the Coleman CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Power Cartridge
  • Adjustably bright (3) white LEDs or (2) LED amber night light setting
  • Magnetically attaches to any tent (or metal surface)
  • Multi-axis rotation allows the light to be aimed precisely at any location in the tent
  • Color-changing LED battery meter